OEM Raw material
Raw material
OEM Candle and Aromatic Bases
OEM Candle
and Aromatic Bases
Scent Air
Scent Air

Amberse Company Limited engages in distributing chemical products such as wax, perfume, bases, and oil with a Manufacturing Service based on customers’ specifications. Our products and services are certified by global standards.

We offer all types of services for industries and large/small manufacturers. Our services are as follows

  1. OEM Raw material

    our Company produces products from both natural wax and blended wax to meet the needs of customers using advanced machinery. We have gained the trust of domestic and foreign customers to produce and develop specific products exclusively for each of our customers. *For further information, please kindly contact us.

  2. OEM candle and Aroma

    We produce, invent formulas and develop candle and fragrance products of all types based on customers’ demand. Customers can also choose their raw materials at every step of the production process. The types of candles that we produce are listed below

    • Taper candle, Pillar candle, Votive candle
    • Buddhist Lent candle, sculpting candle
    • Scented candle, Container candle,
    • Wax tart melts
    • Alcohol spray & gel
    • Body perfume
    • Reed diffuser
    • Room spray
    • Perfume tester
    • Sachet
    • Etc.
  3. Scent air (Coming soon)

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